Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Deborah Lippmann - Swagga Like Us

Today's polish is Deborah Lippmann's Swagga Like Us. This is a metallic, almost chrome-finish, polish with a duochrome to it.

The base shade is a coppery gold shade that gives a great chrome effect on nails. Add in the duochrome, which is a green/blue/teal shift, and it takes it beyond your average gold polish.

Swagga Like Us - with flash

One coat gives great coverage, but two coats is your best bet to get the full effect. In certain light, the duochrome flash isn't all that obvious, it just gives the base shade a somewhat antiqued-gold effect.

Swagga Like Us - outside, no flash

Ignore the raindrops on my nails. Halfway through taking pictures, it started to rain. Typical. Anyway, this shot, whilst not in the best of lighting conditions, picks up a little of that duochrome.

Swagga Like Us - outside, no flash

Swagga Like Us - outside, no flash

For a metallic/chrome, this applied really smoothly & hardly showed any streaking from the brush hairs at all. It's definitely one of the best polishes of this kind that I've tried.

Swagga Like Us - outside, no flash

I may not be a huge fan of gold polishes, but I like this one. The colour shift & smoothness are the two main factors that, for me, give Swagga Like Us an edge.

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