Thursday, 12 July 2012

Urban Decay - Gunmetal Eyeshadow

The third colour I have chosen to put in my create your own palette from Urban Decay is Gunmetal. This particular shade has appeared in the original Naked palette and there's no colour difference between the two versions, although the single pan does seem a tiny bit smoother.

As with Blackout & Mushroom, I have depotted this for my palette, but it can be left in its original packaging.

Gunmetal is a dark, metallic grey shade loaded with silver glitter. Yes, glitter. It's quite subtle & most of it does tend to disappear when you've blended your shadow. Although the glitter does have a tendency to drop on to your face when applying, it's not the worst offender that Urban Decay has created. Possibly it's the new formulation that helps in this regard.

As it's a metallic, there is shimmer to the base shade, however, it's not an out & out frosty finish, it just has a nice metallic sheen to it that.

Pigmentation-wise, Gunmetal is great, it takes very little product to get a good build-up of colour. Because it's not an overly stiff texture, it's easy to pick up plenty of colour on your brush. That doesn't mean it's outrageously soft & powdery, it's still firm enough to keep it under control.

Gunmetal - with flash

Gunmetal - outside, no flash

For these swatches, I've applied Gunmetal dry, on to bare skin. No primer was used underneath.
I've included swatches of Gunmetal alongside MAC's Knight Devine. They're both a similar shade & have a similar finish (Knight Devine is a veluxe pearl).

L-R - Gunmetal, Knight Devine - with flash

L-R Gunmetal, Knight Devine - outside, no flash

Both shadows have a silvery tint to them, it's a little more prominent in Knight Devine. The real difference lies with the glitter; Knight Devine has none, just the shimmer. Texture-wise, Knight Devine is a touch stiffer than Gunmetal, but just as pigmented.

If you already own Knight Devine, you can easily skip Gunmetal, unless you want it for the glitter factor. For those that don't like glitter or dealing with the clean-up that it can lead to, Knight Devine is the better choice. If you don't mind about the glitter, then either is a good choice,but the slightly softer texture of Gunmetal gives it a fraction of an edge for me.

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