Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Glitter Gal Holo Polishes

As you may have noticed from the Holo Leopard posts, I have a bit of a thing for holographic nail polish. It occurred to me recently that I didn't own a red holo, so off I went to trawl the web & see what I could find. Glitter Gal's holo polishes popped up. Not only did they have two reds, but I noticed a few other shades that piqued my curiosity.

Firstly, I chose the Glitter Gal Black holo. My stash is home to OPI's My Private Jet & Color Club's Revvvolution, but neither are a true black & I've been lusting after a true black holo for some time.


This is exactly what it promises - a true black-based holo.  Two coats gave a full, opaque coverage. My Private Jet has somewhat of a brownish tone to it, even applied over a coat of black polish, it still didn't look right. Revvvolution is more of a charcoal than a true black & the holo is quite subtle compared to both GG Black & My private Jet


Honestly, this picture doesn't do it justice. The holo effect is so much better in person.
To show the differences, here's My private Jet;

My Private Jet

and Colour Club's Revvvolution;


The first of the other colours to capture my attention was Lizard Belly. There's lime green holo's out there, China Glaze's L8R G8R & Laser Lime to name two, but I hadn't come across a dark green before.

Lizard Belly
Lizard Belly is absolutely stunning, the holo effect really pops in the dark green base. I can't think of anything that's remotely like this one.

Lizard Belly

As I mentioned above, a red holo was the reason I came across these polishes in the first place. Glitter Gal has two; Red & Not Just Another Red. I decided to go with Red.


When I was imagining a good red holo polish, this is what I had in mind. Not too dark yet not screaming red, no orange tones, just a beautiful red base with a great holo effect. It looks a little washed-out in the swatch & the holo effect isn't as pretty as it is in reality, it looks much closer to the bottle.


The last of the four colours I chose is Light As A Feather. The idea of a white holo was intriguing & although I probably won't be using it on its own, I've got some plans for it.

Light As A Feather

It is indeed white but Light As A Feather has a slight grey cast to it, probably due to the holo. It's still gorgeous & much more holographic than I imagined it to be.

Light As A Feather

With all of these, I found two coats to work best & a good topcoat finishes them off nicely. Application was an absolute dream; with the China Glaze ones in particular, I've found that holos can drag when applying, pulling patches of colour off the nail. Glitter Gal's holos don't do this at all. They also seem to dry quite quickly.

The downside? These are expensive! £15 & some change for a bottle and it's a small bottle. China Glaze bottles are 14ml whilst the Glitter Gal polishes are just 9ml.
Whilst I do wish they were a little cheaper or you got more for your money, I can't fault the quality. 

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