Monday, 25 July 2011

Nails Inc. - Glitter Crackle

I like Crackle polishes & I love glitter, so when I found out about the Nails Inc. Glitter Crackles, I had to try them out.
There are three shades available - The West End,  blue, The City, purple, & Farringdon, gold. On the whole, I don't wear gold polishes much so I skipped Farringdon & got The West End & The City.

These glitter crackles seem to take a little longer to dry than a regular crackle polish. It's not a ludicrous amount of time, but the crackling starts to show through more slowly than normal crackles.
Another point with these is that the glitter looks quite matte & the crackle effect isn't very apparent until you apply a glossy top coat. 

As far as the two shades go, The City has smaller glitter particles, so it's easier to apply & gives a more even glitter effect than The West End. When using The West End, I found that you have to be very careful with application otherwise you end up with areas of the crackle that are extremely glittery & others that don't have much glitter at all.

It's easy to paint these on too thickly, which won't give you the best crackle. Too thin a coat leaves you with a streaky effect. 

Of the two, The City is the overall winner for me because it's easier to get a more even coat & the crackle effect looks better.

The West End

The West End - no topcoat

The City

The City

The City used over China Glaze Custom Kicks with topcoat

I would recommend these if you're a fan of glitter but they can be tricky to apply well & a topcoat is an absolute must. Both colours are gorgeous, it would've been better if smaller glitter had been used in The West End.

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