Tuesday, 12 July 2011

MAC - Semi Precious Haul

Just a small haul from this for me, three of the Mineralize Skinfinishes & one shadow.

Semi Precious Pearl MSF
The base shade is a champagne shade whilst the middle is comprised of a mixture of white, plum & bronze. Quite a shimmery one, but it doesn't have glittery chunks. The main colour is a highlight shade, mix it with the the centre colours & it gives a light colour that can work as a shimmery, subtle blush on pale skin.

Semi Precious Pearl 
Semi Precious Crystal Pink MSF

The base shade is described as a pink champagne. The centre colours are a combination of pink, green & bronze. As with Pearl, this has shimmer but no glitter. Gives a light pink flush to the skin, not unlike Porcelain Pink or Pleasure Flush (but without the gold).

Semi Precious Crystal Pink

Semi Precious Rose Quartz MSF

The most colourful of the three shades I picked up, Rose Quartz's base is a rosy pink shade, whilst the centre is a mix of silver, white pink, copper & lime. When the base shade is used alone, it makes for a shimmery blush but adding in the centre colours throws glitter particles into the equation. Rose Quartz reminds me of Petticoat without the raspberry veining that makes it a darker pink.

Semi Precious Rose Quartz 

Clarity Eyeshadow

Of all of the shadows with this collection, Clarity was the only one that really caught my eye. The gorgeous shades in the pan combine to create a grey shadow loaded with sparkle. In some lights, the shimmer looks mostly silver, in other light, it puts me in mind of a smaller version of the shimmer in Sugarpill's Stella Chromalust.
The base shade would probably look darker if the shadow were to be used wet. Over a black base, it'd make for a pretty, shimmery smoky eye.


This collection won't appeal to those who prefer a more toned-down approach to sparkle & it'll hold no interest to those who like their products matte. For those of us who do like a bit of sparkle, it's worth checking out to see if anything catches your eye.

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