Monday, 25 July 2011

Beauty Bargain - MUA Starry Night Palette

Yet another bargain from the MUA brand at Superdrug!
I've tried a couple of the MUA single shadows & was impressed with the quality, especially considering they were £1 each. When I was in Superdrug last week, I happened across the new MUA palettes. According to the Superdrug site,  there's six different palettes available. In store, I saw three & there wasn't many of those left, so they seem to be selling well.

The Starry Night palette concentrates on colours to use for a smoky eye look. Black, pink, purple, blue, grey, silver & white are the shades in here. They're all shimmery shadows, some more so than others, so if you're not into shimmery shadows you may not be won over by these.

 For just £4, you're getting 12 shades. Whilst they may not be the biggest pan size, they're not ridiculously tiny either.

Also included is a double-ended sponge tip applicator. I prefer to use my brushes, so this has gone unused.
The actual shadows are very soft, are well pigmented & they blend nicely. I always use a primer under any shadows I wear, and these lasted all day with no creasing.

The packaging is fairly simple - the lid is mostly clear so you can see the colours. One possible downside for some may be the fact that there's no mirror here.

Top row

The top row of shadows hosts a purple, mid-pink, charcoal, grey-silver, blue-silver & black. The black shade may not be the darkest black shadow, and it does have shimmer to it, but it's certainly dark enough to achieve a decent smoky eye with.

Bottom row

The second row of shadows comprises a grey that's a little less shimmery than the other shadows, a very frosty white, vivid silver, blue, a gorgeous grey-purple shade & a lilac shade.

I swatched the shadows straight on to bare skin, no primer. It didn't take much product to be able to get a good, strong swatch.

For the price, these are really good quality. I wondered if they'd be as good as the MUA singles & in this palette, they certainly are.
The colours within are definitely more on the cool side, but there is a warmer-toned palette available (Heaven & Earth).
I already have my eye on a couple of the other palettes, especially the Glitter Ball palette.

Worth checking out if you want to add to your make-up stash & don't want to break the bank in doing so.


  1. LOVE the look of the new MUA collections! Superdrug still haven't stocked my local shop with it! :
    p.s i really think you deserve more followers than you have!


  2. I've tried a few shops now & they mostly seem to be out of the palettes. The only ones I can find are this one & Glitter Ball, occasionally the neutral palette pops up too.

    Aww thank you so much!