Thursday, 12 May 2011

MAC - FashionFlower

Fresh Daisy, Groundcover, Bows & Curtseys

A small haul from FashionFlower for me, just three of the six shadows. I already had Aqua, Free To Be & Lucky Green, so I got Fresh Daisy, Groundcover & Bows & Curtseys.

Originally, I'd just decided to get Bows & Curtseys as I can't resist a dark green shadow. Groundcover & Fresh Daisy also got picked up.

Fresh Daisy

A frost texture, described as a frosty white yellow. I thought that it would be like a few other shades I owned but, when swatching, I couldn't find an exact dupe. The shade in the pot shows more yellow than it does applied to the skin. Once on, it becomes a frosty, vivid white with a slight, subtle yellow tone.
Well pigmented & applies smoothly.

Fresh Daisy, Dazzlelight, Sugarshot, Solar White
Swatched dry straight on to bare skin. Of the three comparison shades, Solar White is the closest, but it has a much stronger yellow/gold sheen to it than Fresh Daisy does.


Originally, I thought this was a browner version of French Grey so I wasn't going to bother getting it. As it turns out, it has a greyer tone than French Grey.
The MAC site has it labelled as a midtone warm grey, which is accurate. It's a pebble grey kind of shade, a touch of brown warms the grey tones up without it pulling too warm.
Matte finish but not at all chalky. Good pigmentation, Groundcover applies & blends really easily.

Groundcover, French Grey, Clue, Copperplate

Copperplate is a similar shade, but it's not a dead match because it's not as warmed up as Groundcover. French Grey pulls more brown and, despite it being a satin, it's much more shimmery. Clue is warmer still & shimmery.

Bows & Curtseys

Satin finish blackened green that MAC's site describes as a metallic Hunter Green. This didn't appear overly metallic & is darker on the skin than the shade in the pan indicates.
Well pigmented & easy to swatch.

Bows & Curtseys, Oomph

Oomph, despite being a Veluxe Pearl, was harder to swatch than Bows & Curtseys. Although the two look quite alike in the pan, Oomph is a brighter green & far more shimmery.

Of the three, my favourites are Bows & Curtseys followed by Groundcover. Fresh Daisy is pretty but it's not a stand-out unique colour if you already own a ton of highlight shades with a frosty finish.

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