Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Crackle Polish Haul

Five new crackle polished that I've just got. So far, I've tried Barry M & China Glaze versions. This haul comprises three LaRosa crackles, Barry M's white crackle & OPI crackle in silver.

Of the two brands I'd previously tried, I loved the colours from China Glaze but found the Barry M black crackle to give a slightly better effect. In fact, I was kind of disappointed with Lightning Bolt, China Glaze's white crackle. It didn't shatter into smaller pieces no matter what base colour I used under it. The other three shades I got worked better. I decided to get a different white to compare with.

LaRosa Crackle - Seaweed, Green, Million Dollar Red

I'd never heard of LaRosa before, but I liked the fact that they had a good number of shades in the crackle range. I was particularly interested in the green, as I've been longing for a green crackle for a while. Seaweed looked like a fun colour & Million Dollar Red appeared to be a vivid red that just needed to be tried.

Seaweed is an absolutely stunning turquoise shatter. It's very bright & really pops against a dark base shade. Although I haven't tried it with a light shade underneath, I suspect it would still work well. The base shade I used was China Glaze's Liquid Leather.


Green looks a little dulled in this picture, it pops more in reality. Against the base colour, China Glaze's White on White, it had a very velvety appearance. I tried Green over a dark colour but it was barely there, a lighter base is needed to get the full effect of this one.

Million Dollar Red

Beautiful, true red crackle with no orange tones. Looks fantastic against the white base shade (China Glaze's White on White again). As with Green, this didn't show up well against a darker shade, it was even less obvious than Green. I think MDR would look great over a silver base.

The LaRosa crackles surprised me. They shatter really well and seem to dry a touch faster than other crackles I've tried. What I really love about these is the consistency. Crackle polishes tend to be quite thick but LaRosa's are barely thicker than a regular polish. This makes them an absolute dream to apply.

OPI Silver Shatter

This is my first OPI shatter. I skipped on their version of the black, mostly because I already had the Barry M  & also because of the brush. I have quite small nails so the OPI brushes can sometimes present a bit of a challenge. I overlooked this because I wanted a silver crackle.

Silver Shatter is quite shimmery & metallic, it's not matte-looking as most crackles are. In certain light, there's a hint of pink & green shimmer to this. I found it to apply quite well & to have a good consistency that wasn't too thick.

Barry M - Instant Nail Effects in white

Vivid white crackle polish. I found the white version to be a little thinner than the black. It shatters well, much better than China Glaze's Lightning Bolt & it's cheaper, too.

Barry M

China Glaze - Lightning Bolt

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