Thursday, 10 February 2011

New Kat Von D goodies at Sephora.

Browsing the Sephora site this morning, I noticed that the new Kat Von D palette, Truth, is up there.
White packaging, like the Memento Mori palette, Truth has more in common colour-wise with the afore-mentioned Memento Mori. It's not packed full of smoky shades, rather softer colours with a couple of brighter shades thrown in for good measure.

The shades are:

Sugar Skull - vanilla
Long Distance - citron
Snake Eyes - lime
Finland - aqua, cream formula
Prague - plum
Galeano - pale lilac
Rehab - golden tan
Sister - peach

There's just the one cream shadow included this time. Shades that are repeated from previous palettes are Sugar Skull (Memento Mori) and Galeano (Beethoven).  Out of eight shades, two repeats isn't a bad deal at all. I plan on ordering this ASAP.

Also new to the range are the True Romance pigments.
Right now, there's six shades available. Hopefully some more will be added at a later date. I'd love to see a dark grey or black added to the range.

The pigment colours are:

Johnette - royal blue shimmer
Ladyhawke - reddish plum shimmer
Meditation - copper rose shimmer
Rapture - golden peach shimmer
Starcrossed - golden beige shimmer
Torment - iridescent medium purple shimmer

So far, I'm intrigued by Torment.
According to a review on Sephora's site, Ladyhawke bears very little resemblance to the swatch provided. Whether this is true for the other shades remains to be seen.

Once I manage to get my hands on some of these goodies you can be sure I'll post a review.

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