Wednesday, 12 January 2011

MAC - Stylishly Yours pigments.

Three new pigments from MAC with the Stylishly Yours collection. All together, there's four. Violet is part of the permanent line-up, this is just concentrating on the three new shades.

From left to right in the above picture there's Madly Personal, New Fixation and Follow Your Fancy. None of the three colours are as shimmery as most MAC pigments. Follow Your Fancy is the most shimmery, but it's still subtle when compared with some older shades. New Fixation & Madly Personal are more akin to less shimmery Satin finish eyeshadows.

Madly Personal, New Fixation, Follow Your Fancy - outside, no flash

Madly Personal, New Fixation, Follow Your Fancy - inside with flash

The flash picture picks up the shimmer a little more than the no flash picture. It's still a subtle shimmer, though.

Madly Personal

It's a nice, slightly sparkly, bright pink. This could work well as a blush for those that prefer a brighter cheek.

Outside - No Flash

Inside - Flash

New Fixation

Although it looks to be a coral shade here, it's a pinkish-red shade. Not a true, blue-based red but neither is it an orange-red. 

Outside - No Flash

Inside - Flash

Follow Your Fancy

Orange? Yes, but leaning a little more to the coral side than an out-and-out orange. Compared to Electric Coral & Acid Orange, it has more of a red tone to it.

Outside - No Flash

Inside - Flash

Unless you're an avid pigment collector, are a fan of any of these particular shades or you don't have anything like these, they aren't worth paying over the odds for on ebay. That's not to say that they're not worth bothering with, they are if they strike your fancy. They have great textures and, as with most of MAC's pigments, are really pigmented. 

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