Friday, 16 August 2013

Sugarpill - Asteria Chromalust

Recently, the fabulous Sugarpill sold some limited edition items. Being a huge fan of their products, I had to check out the limited Chromalust loose eyeshadow in Asteria. I was lucky enough to be able to get my hands on one of these little pots of gorgeous goodness.

As always with Sugarpill, the attention to detail on the packaging is spot on. For Asteria, the box & lid of the pot are white, instead of the usual black packaging of Chromalusts.

Open the pot & you'll discover a warm, coppery-orange loose powder packed with loads of golden micro-shimmer, which gives it a metallic look.

A light-handed application will give you a slightly sheer wash of colour that will work well for more toned-down looks. Use a heavier hand, or apply with a damp brush, and you'll get a deeper, more metallic orange shade.

This swatch was done using Asteria dry, with no primer & packing it on to show how deep the colour can be.

As far as comparing it to another shade, the first colour to pop in to my mind was MAC pigment in Melon. In actuality, these two powders are very, very different.

L - Sugarpill Asteria, R - MAC Melon pigment

Melon is paler, and more of a peach tone with a very strong gold sheen to it. Although it's not one of MAC's chunkier pigment textures, it's not as smooth as Asteria.
Again, these swatches were both applied to dry skin with no base used before-hand.

Although it's not my usual choice in colour, I really like Asteria. It would look great smoked out with a dark matte brown.

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