Friday, 9 December 2011

MAC for Gareth Pugh Pigments

Two new pigment shades released with the MAC for Gareth Pugh collection. The first thing to note with these - they don't come in standard MAC pigment packaging.

Looks pretty swanky, but it hasn't overly thrilled me for a couple of reasons. The first being that it's impossible to see the shade without opening it, which is done by twisting the square lid, rather than pulling (something it took me a while to figure out). The second reason is you're paying more money for this fancy packaging but getting less pigment.


Guise is a frosty, vivid silver. A very metallic-looking pigment that has a rather chunky texture. Not as chunky as Rose pigment, for example, but not as smooth as a lot of the other pigments. Because of this, you can expect a little fall-out, but nothing too horrendous.

As a comparison, I swatched it next to Silver Fog pigment to see how different it is.

Left - Guise  Right - Silver Fog

Guise is a touch brighter & has less of a grey tone to it than Silver Fog. Texture-wise, Silver Fog is a little smoother.


The second pigment, Deceit, is a deep blackened purple. The texture is much finer, not at all chunky. Deceit is far less frosty than most MAC pigments, it's more like a satin with a sheen to it. Fall-out can occur with this one, especially as it's a dark colour.

Deceit's comparison swatch is with Deep Purple pigment.

Left - Deceit   Right - Deep Purple

Very similar shades but Deep Purple looks a touch brighter due to the fact it's a lot more metallic than Deceit. 

Guise, Deceit

Overall, these are nice pigments, they apply well & have a good, strong colour to them. However, unless you collect MAC pigments or you're missing these particular shades from your stash, I don't feel that they're an absolute must-have. Whilst the packaging is nice to look at, I'd rather have the normal packaging, especially as you're paying extra for it & receiving less product.

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