Thursday, 13 October 2011

MAC - Fall Colour

Although it's a small haul from this collection (one of the quads & two pigments), it's going to contain quite a few pictures as I already had the rest of the pigments in my collection.

First up, there's the Parlor Smoke eyeshadow quad. This contains four shades in different finishes.

Parlor Smoke, Cross Cultural, Indigo Noir, Steel

Parlor Smoke is described as a mauve grey & it has a frost finish. It's a shimmery, light shade that applies smoothly & has good pigmentation.
Cross Cultural is a repromote. Labelled a neutral brown, it's a matte finish that may seem at odds with the other colours in the palette but it comes in handy to blend out the darker shades. I found this particular pan to be a little harder to apply than Cross Cultural as a single pan.
Indigo Noir is also a matte finish. It's a gorgeous blackened purple shade that definitely leans more to the blue side of purple. This was also a little tricky to swatch.
Steel, a deep charcoal with a silver sheen, is a veluxe pearl so it's easy to apply & blend. Good pigmentation to this one.

Parlor Smoke, Cross Cultural, Indigo Noir, Steel

There's eight pigments in all with this collection, split into two groups of four between the 'Midnight Blue' & 'Wild Colour' portions of the collection. The 'Midnight Blue' pigments boast two new shades & two repromotes.

Tan, Emerald Dusk, Blue Storm, Starless Night

Tan - Old style packaging
Tan is described as being a muted pinky brown bronze. It's a warmer shade that works well for more neutral or toned- down looks but it still has a frosty, shimmery finish to it. Tan is a repromote.

Emerald Dusk

Emerald Dusk
is quite deceptive. In the pot, it looks very grey. Once on the skin, the green shows through a lot more. It's not a bright green, rather, it's a deeper green. This pigment makes for a beautiful smoky eye.

Blue Storm - Old style packaging

Blue Storm is another repromote. It's a very metallic deep blue that looks great as a smoky eye shade.

Starless Night

The other new shade from this collection, Starless Night is described as a deep black purple with light purple pearl. I've found it to be more of a black than a blackened purple. It's very similar to a previous MAC pigment, Later. The main difference between the two is down to the shimmer, it's basically the same shade of shimmer but it seems to pop a touch more in Later which lends more of a purple tone to it.

Starless Night, Later

Neo-Orange, Magenta Madness, Violet, Golden Olive

Neo-Orange - Old style packaging

Neo-Orange is described as being an intense neon salmon shade on the MAC site but it doesn't seem to have much of a salmon tone to it. Extremely vivid matte orange pigment. This can be a little difficult to work with due to its matte texture.

Magenta Madness - Old style packaging

Another matte neon pigment, Magenta Madness is an incredibly bright hot pink with a touch of blue to it. As with Neo-Orange, the matte texture can make Magenta Madness a little harder to work with than the shimmery pigments.

Violet - Old style packaging

Violet pigment is a shimmery, vivid purple shade. Very easy to work with & blend.

Golden Olive - Old style packaging

Golden Olive is a very frosty, metallic golden green pigment that applies & blends well. Although it is obviously a yellowy-green, it's not a chartreuse colour.

Tan, Emerald Dusk, Blue Storm, Starless Night

Neo-Orange, Magenta Madness, Violet, Golden Olive

It's worth checking your stash to see if you already own these colours. With Starless Night, if you already have Later you can definitely skip buying Starless Night as there's very, very little difference between the two pigments.

The neons are great, but they'll only appeal if you love brights. They're not as hard to work with as some other matte pigments though they present a bit more of a challenge than the shimmery pigments. A base is definitely advised when using these, I can see how they'd lead to staining.

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