Friday, 24 June 2011

Sugarpill - Buttercupcake Shadow & Buttercupcake look

I've been missing in action for a while, mainly due to recovering from the post-Download blues. I had an amazing time at Download festival, caught some great bands & hung out with a fantastic bunch of people. Getting my mojo back & catching up on blogging (or anything, really) has been somewhat of a hard slog. As far as the bands went, my favourite sets of the Download weekend were probably Twisted Sister & Rob Zombie.

Anyhoo, I had a look in mind that I wanted to do for an upcoming Cyndi Lauper gig. It involved yellow, orange & a touch of gold. I already have MAC's Chrome Yellow but I find it to be hard work to get it looking how I want. Since I love the other Sugarpill shadows I have, Buttercupcake seemed like the way forward.

As per the norm with Sugarpill shadows, the packaging is gorgeous. The whole of the lid being clear, with the exception of the logo, makes it so much easier to find the shadow you want when they're floating around in your makeup bag/box.

Colour-wise, Buttercupcake is incredibly similar to the afore-mentioned Chrome Yellow, and also to the MAC pigment, Primary Yellow. Buttercupcake is a softer texture though, I find Chrome Yellow to be one of the more difficult to blend MAC matte shadows.

Buttercupcake is well pigmented, it doesn't take much to achieve the same shade as you see in the pan. I also found it incredibly easy to apply & it blends like a dream.

Buttercupcake, MAC Chrome Yellow, MAC Primary Yellow pigment, MAC Canary Yellow

The above swatches were done dry, straight on to bare skin. Primary Yellow pigment is definitely more powdery-looking. It took more shadow with Chrome Yellow to get it to show up as vividly, whereas, with Buttercupcake, it took just two or three stripes to get a good, strong swatch.

It has to be said that I wasn't overly convinced by yellow shadows before, but Buttercupcake has definitely changed my mind. It's a bright, fun colour that's easy to apply & blend & it wears extremely well.

The Look:

As I mentioned above, I wanted a good yellow for a specific look I had in mind. It's fairly simple, I didn't use a ridiculous amount of colours for this one.

  • Sugarpill Buttercupcake on the lid & above the crease
  • Sugarpill Flamepoint in the crease
  • Sugarpill Chromalust in Goldilux on the inner corner of the eye
  • MAC Blanc Type on the browbone
  • Kat Von D Autograph Eyeliner in Puro Amor

Since it was for the Cyndi Lauper gig, I used MAC's Viva Glam Cyndi on the lips. The original liner I used underneath was MAC's Cherry. I later switched it with the Cremestick liner in Summerfruit. Since I feel absolutely naked without some black liner, I also used MAC'S Technakhol liner on the water line with a touch of Sugarpill's fab matte black, Bulletproof, patted over it to keep it in place.

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